Hello there! Welcome to the “Books” segment of this website. So, the sole motive of this service is to bring the magnificent works of authors to the book lovers across the globe. Basically, we promote books of authors from different countries by knowing their experiences throughout the period while they work on their draft. This also helps our readers to get motivated to try out writing if not to write one.

We encourage authors to reach to us and give us a chance to help. It is completely free of cost, we don’t charge anything 🙂


The Unbreakable Thread – A Novella By Nissha Nirmal Kumar

The Unbreakable Thread is a novella in Romantic Fiction, authored by Ms. Nissha Nirmal Kumar. The protagonist has the fear of facing a break up. But she meets her guy and falls for him. With a trembling heart, she faces her biggest fear when he goes missing.

My Debt to Earth – Is There Time to Repay It?

DAR & Earth is a debut YA fantasy series rooted in accurate historical and scientific facts. ORACULI begins the odyssey of these two worlds, interconnected by a shared sun. This amazing Novel is authored by Ms. Athena M. Kaiman

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