About Website

We Uncut is a blogging website which is dedicated to all the people who get overwhelmed with information and anxious about how to handle it all. The author hopes that the people get what they want to focus, in moment, to make progress on what matters the most.

The sole motive of this website is to create interesting readable contents which can enlighten readers with some or the other lucrative knowledge as numerous categories are there on this website. Various categories shows the distinctive interests of people in their life.

The initiative of this website was just taken because of interest of the author. If this website shows capability of entertaining the visitors, it would further be upgraded with a channelized system of posting and administration.

The Admin

The anonymous admin is an undergraduate student who began working on an idea, which eventually became a website known as we uncut.

He is a very diluted person, who shows least interest in literature. He is just grammatically par average student, with no confidence in his vocal skills. He has been an optimistic guy with a fear of getting no exposure, which makes no sense at all. As happens to all of us, we plan good, but never put our leg on the accelerator to move ahead, he is as bad as these good planners.

The author believes that better perspectives lead to better ideas, and he wants to create a trusting and collaborative environment among people by collaborating with some genuine keen loving people of literature and general awareness.

Words from admin

  1. Create a way for an Extension to Your Interest
  2. Remember Everything
  3. Accomplish Anything
  4. Become Ever Better
  5. Many Backgrounds, One Website, weuncut.com


This is literally in interest of all of you, if you want to collaborate and create some fantastic stuffs, you are always whole-heartedly welcome.

To send your work and have some fun in creating beautiful content, kindly proceed by tapping the following link.

Let’s create something together

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Michael Jordan
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