Introduction :

Happiness is a state of mind. And when any work is going-on very well then it is a sentiment expressed. Happiness is conveyed through the eyes and the smile. It is a desirous feeling that everyone wants to keep with them all the time. Being happy depends on situations, achievements and other circumstances. Happiness is an intrinsic quality that reflects the state of mind. The emotional state of happiness is a mixture of feelings of happiness, satisfaction and victory.

What Is Happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind, which is the power of magic within you that you can achieve whenever you want! It is all in your hands. Happiness, satisfaction and joy are hidden within you, the only thing that needs to be done is that no matter who you are and at what level, if you want to be happy with positive thinking. You can feel it within yourself.

You can close your eyes and concentrate and you can ask yourself what work you enjoy, what is the world that calls you, then only you will be able to make the right decision that you should not do. One should not listen to the world, all beings are born out of enjoyment, when born they live happily and death is absorbed in bliss.

You cannot believe that this is true; the attitude you adopt for others affects you somewhere. They will also like what you like, what you feel bad, they will also feel that a slight change in their behavior can give you a lot of happiness because your inner attitude makes you feel happy inside yourself.

Some people think that if I get it or I have got it then I will be happy but such people can never be happy who are dissatisfied with their present and always want their happiness in future only when needed. . Only by adopting a positive attitude can you always feel contended.

Often people do not let go of their present unhappy and unhappy minds in search of happiness in the future, abandon their selfish desires and stop thinking that you are everything and then look at it as if a little change has made your whole life. Happiness cannot be changed without being attracted towards you, because your mind is responsible for the happiness you feel inside yourself.

So start enjoying this magical power from today or, just adopt a positive outlook in your life. Individuals always have negative thinking, they can never enjoy true happiness because whatever they achieve, they always desire to get more and they remain dissatisfied, they only attract indifference towards themselves.

Whether you believe it or not, but if you ignore the bad attitude of others and just think that I am the happiest person in the world, then you will always be happy, no matter what happens.

Happiness only increases by sharing, so why not promote it. By giving some happiness to someone, our mind will be relaxed, how much pleasure will be received, we cannot even guess. It is often seen that a person is not as sad with his grief as by the happiness of others.

Instead of being jealous of someone’s progress, take some education and inspiration from it and also move towards progress and involve others in happiness so that we can enjoy the happiness of others with our happiness doubly, these little joys in our lives. Are part of? Do not let go because it goes on too often.

But not so soon, we should take care of them, there is laughter in everything, there is happiness in everything, there is only difference in our thinking and understanding, if we try, we can accumulate the happiness scattered around us Huh. Let us share happiness and sorrow together because we often hear that sharing happiness brings twice as much happiness and sharing unhappiness gives less than half of happiness.

Happiness is a way of life and it is not a thing that can be achieved and kept.… While it helps everyone to have a good life which is necessary to find happiness, but they alone cannot bring happiness. Happiness is something that can be felt from within.

The first thing is happiness is different from everyone, it also means different. Happiness is a feeling we can only feel. Many times we smile from within. Are we happy in actuality? So happiness is the feeling that we have to understand. When we are happy we have some….When we are happy, we have a different personality. Being happy makes a lot of things in us like we have different confidence and we see everything positive. How else can we recognize happiness is a self-awareness of how well we know ourselves?

Some ways to be happy :

1. Quit Bad Habits

Smoking, alcohol consumption etc. are counted among the most common bad habits, they are not good for our health. Generally, you do not consume alcohol or smoking openly and those things which are not done openly are called bad habits. These things can stress you. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from these things. That’s why you will always be happy.

2. Create Challenges

It is a fact that when you start accepting challenges, it makes a positive impact in your mind and fills a lot of enthusiasm in you and motivates you. Accepting challenges and fulfilling them is a different level in you. Fills confidence and always keeps you motivated. Therefore, always recognize your potential and do not hesitate to accept the challenges. When our challenges is fulfilled, they still become very happy. That is why we should always be new to new selections.

3. Stay with positive people

The thing that affects us the most is our background, usually children learn what they see around them and it is automatically reflected in our lives when we surround ourselves with positive people. Being with people means you can also stay connected through social media, phone etc., this gives you inner peace and better mental health. Good mental health will always keep you happy and motivated. Mental health is very important, so do not ignore it.

4. Your health is your priority

Some of us are so lost to others that we forget ourselves. Therefore, do not be such a person because no one can suffer in your time. If you have a fever, you have to deal with it. So, your health should be your priority, it is a healthy person who can accept any challenge or do any work. Always make sure that you are in good health and only then you can make others happy too. Can do. When your family is happy, you automatically become happy.

5. Take some time for yourself

Take some time to do something for yourself. It is very essential, when you talk to yourself it develops a feeling of intimacy for you and you can analyze your thoughts. When we set aside some time for our hobbies, it automatically changes our mood. Replaces

6. Make the Sun Your Friend

In normal life, darkness is represented as bad and light is good, and if you go deeper into the idea, it is largely correct. Spending time with sun will not only increase vitamin D levels, Rather it will also keep you happy and motivated.

7. Love every human

We know that people keep coming and going here but their name remains forever. Your name and work always remains, so always do good work. You must love everyone, whether good or bad.

8. Never Compare

Comparison kills your inner peace and can disappoint you, so never develop this habit within yourself. We all get opportunities, just use it and if you compare yourself to someone, then you get jealous. Instead, achieve an accomplishment. Jealousy can destroy your happiness and will always demolish you. Therefore, adopt a positive attitude. So never compare us to anyone should not do

9. Always keep a beautiful smile

A smile attracts everyone and it is the easiest way to explain it to anyone. Whatever situation you are facing, you should never stop smiling. Therefore, put your concerns aside and smile every day, this will also develop positive vibes around you and a calm mind can only find solutions.

10. Take proper food

A healthy diet is very important for all of us. You can define good health only when you are strong and happy physically, mentally and socially. Therefore, if you are unhappy or in tension, never skip your meal because food can improve your bad mood. So always eat good food.

Benefits of happiness:

Happiness is very good for our health; happier people are less likely to get sick, and they live longer. Happiness is good for our relationships. Happy people are more generous.


Happiness is an inner feeling. It is a healthy feeling. Happiness helps us stay mentally and physically fit. Happiness helps reduce stress and keep an m any problems. Reasons for happiness may vary from person to person. You just need to find out what really makes you happy. Therefore, if you want real happiness in life, then you need to understand that only you can make yourself happy. So to be happy, first of all you have to understand yourself. If you recognize yourself then you will always be happy.


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