There comes a certain point in your life when you think you have everything planned out. Whether you’ve simply fallen into a routine that will continue and you’re simply comfortable, or whether you’ve actually made plans towards your own happiness. A dream job, an engagement, a baby on the way. Everything you’ve expected falling into place…

What happens when this is suddenly disrupted? The interruption might, in itself, seem quite routine. Another part of the job, another whispered rumor in the family. But it’s consequence can be fatal.

This is what I wanted to explore with The Secrets Series. When I first started these books, it seemed as though everything was going my way. I had just got some amazing grades and I was off to my dream university.

And don’t worry, nothing awful happened. But what if it did? Because for some people, it does.

Following the usual pattern of fiction, I took this to the extreme.

What happens? The series opens with a man who thinks he knows how his life is going to work out. Antonin Jelennski has his dream job and a full home life with his girlfriend and her lively family. Before long, he’s planning to propose to her. Then something new pops up at work and it seems like a great opportunity. But he soon finds himself neck-deep in trouble, surrounded by vicious mobsters… Will he live to marry his beloved Nikolina? Will his plans fall into place after all?

I don’t know about mobsters, but I’m sure everyone can relate to having their plans disturbed by something and ending up wondering if their life is going to work out okay or not. What about you? What’s interrupted your life? Come on, it must have happened. I can’t count the times it’s happened to me.

It’s such a relatable experience that I wrote about it three times in the same trilogy. The second two books feature another protagonist who is young enough and hopeful enough to think she has life under control. But Nadezhda Moroz soon finds out that’s not the case. First, a secret her mother has been keeping throws her into the arms of a mysterious and quite possibly dangerous man. Then, when she overcomes one problem, she returns in the final book with a far greater one. A war being waged against her by a delusional criminal with a personal vendetta threatens to snatch her family, her first love and her new job all in one foul sweep.

What would you do if something threatened all your plans and everything you dreamed about? Have you been there? How did you handle it?  I think this is a fundamentally human experience. Life is unpredictable. We’ve all had to try and navigate its destructions. But The Secrets Series holds more destruction than even the most disrupted lives tend to. A thriller series packed full of action, there’s always another interruption to the characters’ deepest dreams waiting right around the corner…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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