My name is Zola and I represent Mother Nature. People think that God controls hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In actuality, it is I who controls the weather on this planet. I work with the sun and clouds to make it either hot or cold, rainy or snowy.

The reason all of you have food and shelter is because I made it so. If the temperature was too extreme, nothing would survive. But beyond that, your very nature itself is based on the survival of your ancestors. Had they not survived and found suitable mates, you would not exist.

I cannot control who lives or dies, but I can ensure that only the fittest survive. My process is called Natural Selection. If you’re too weak or too firm, you will not make it in the long run. You must strike the right balance in order to forge strong relationships and potential partners.

This also applies to the environment. All must be in balance in order for this planet to thrive. If there is too much pollution, the air quality drops and global temperatures increase. This affects Continue Reading


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