I understand how hard it is to have faith in a God you can’t physically see. Many people question whether or not he exists, and if so, for what purpose? There was a time in my past where I asked myself these very same questions. There were many more, but essentially it all boiled down to a single one — why me?

Why was I created the way I am, and others created the way they were? After all, we all have unique gifts and abilities. But at the time, I could only focus on my weaknesses and failures. I couldn’t understand why God would want such an imperfect creature.

In time, I learned that no one and no thing in this universe is perfect, including God himself. We were created with his likeness, but none of us have the same power as him. In that sense, he too is unique and alone.

Then it hit me — I am here because he wanted me to be here. He wanted my talents in order to serve others and myself. He wanted me to Continue Reading


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