I feel so feeble, Just about to fall
Surrounded by the memories, we had all
Slowly, I'll drift away, with each passing day.
I'm drowning but it doesn't matter
Watching the ceiling, watery eyes and voice sputter,
From the thought that,
How could I forget??
When the hands were hold,
Meeting on streets in the days of cold.
How could I forget,
The smiles we shared, the moments
And the time we cared.
The laughs, the smile;
At nights staying awhile
Making me feel you held me tight,
So, I won't feel alone at night.
Why did we come along,
If this is we destined,
Why did we get involved,
If this is it meant to be?
How could I forget, When it is all in my mind
But let's just forget that,
you can never be mine
Let's forget, where we met,
Let's forget, the days we spent.
I'll forget how you smell, and letters I wrote.
You forget the little things I told you,
You won't remember my laugh and smile,
And how lame my jokes could be
I'll forget who drew me that picture,
And how the arms felt around me.
I'll forget about you,
You'll forget about my to be written novel,
And my love for poetry too.
You'll forget about me
We'll go on separate paths
Maybe I'll see you, somewhere, someday,
Maybe, my eyes will try to avoid you then,
Or maybe I feel to come close and hold you,
Or maybe I'll remember, how it all should've gone together,
Or maybe I'm thinking wrong,
Will it really be easy to forget you
I am not seeing any chance with that,
Or will it be easy to forget me,
Or did I also make a big impact??



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