Spice of My Life

When you are young, you have a million dreams. Your parents and friends encourage you to make them come true, with their never-ending love and support. Likewise, I have many dreams. My paramount dream is to become a Novelist. And so, I started writing a Romantic fiction. It encompasses all the dreams and wishes a girl would ever want in her life. After six long years, I edited and re-edited it and named it ‘The Unbreakable Thread’

I didn’t know the impact my first novella ‘The Unbreakable Thread’ would have on me when I first started writing. But as days passed, I got married and being a typical South Indian girl, babies and stuff, pursuing my passion became tough. But I gathered up all the remaining positive vibes, my very little free time after taking care of two toddlers, here I am – a published author. It is like a dream come true. The happiness I get from this is immeasurable and profound. 

Nothing in this world could make you happier than pursuing your passion. You lose track of time & everything around you stills when you are doing it. And that is completely good for your mental health. After all, what’s life if you couldn’t spend time for yourself?

Today, I breathe with The Unbreakable Thread, because it covers all the hopes one should have on life and how one should hold onto their love, come what may. Love is the solution to every problem existing in this world & only it can resolve them all. 

Crux of The Novel

Hirdh, a straight-A student, has her guarding walls way up high, so that no one could get in and sliver her heart into a million pieces in the name of break up, for, break up is her biggest fear. 

But, when she meets a guy with a pair of swashbuckling eyes, she lets her walls down slowly. She is just a human, after all, and she has no power over it when love blossoms in her. When she starts to feel it, her guy, Alric goes missing.

All hell falls on her. She couldn’t get over him, for she knew that Alric has become a part of her soul. She starts to cry a lot, missing him terribly, as she couldn’t contact him in any means. It’s like he vanished from the surface of the earth with no clue. Alive or not? She doesn’t know. But she knew one thing for sure. Alric is her oasis and her eyes, devoid of any more tears, the desert, will always be searching for him. 

Will the Japanese legendary, the invisible red string that connects two destined souls, however thin and tangled it might be, really unbreakable or just a myth?

The Unbreakable Thread is now available on Google Books (eBook only), Amazon (eBook & paperback) and Notion press (paperback, India only).

Work in progress:

A poetry book, with a collection of poems, each poem depicts a story from a human girl’s life. 

Surprisingly, I am interested in poems as well. I feel that these poems deserve to be read by people in the world so that they could bring joy to readers, the same way I enjoyed while penning them down. I am planning to publish this poetry book, possibly by the end of 2020. 

Take care. Much love,

Nissha Nirmal Kumar

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