Positive Optimism and Health

In one of the studies in U.S., a team led by Eric J Giltyanand analysed data on relation of optimism (hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something) with longevity. A group of 999 men and women were divided into four groups based on their level of optimism (optimism is led from positive thinking). Over a follow-up period of 9 years, there were 397 deaths. Those with high level of optimism had a 55% lower risk of death from all causes and a 23% lower risk of cardiovascular death.

They concluded:- The trait of optimism was an important long-term determinant of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in elderly subjects independent of socio-demographic characteristics and cardiovascular risk factors.


It is indeed a fact that secretion of hormones from various glands controls our life. When hormones such as non-adrenaline are over or under produced. the emotional state can become imbalanced negatively or positively. Thoughts, bad or good, act on the brain to release the neurotransmitters that affect mood or health and physical response in the body. Neurotransmitters which enhance attention and pleasure named as “Dopamine” and which reduces fear and worry is known as “Serotonin“.

If someone is under stress, heart starts beating and body releases two powerful stress hormones Epinephrine, Cortisol and Adrenaline. When these hormones are secreted continuously, it affects the body. They enhance brain aging, increase fat, causing muscle and bone loss. On the contrary, in case of positive thinking or instead of using negative words, if one uses positive words, secretion of negative hormones gets checked and improvement in health can be noticed.

Role of Mind

All our attitudes and actions are function of our mind, which is the nucleus of everything. It is like of governor, which drives us. Therefore, it is better to understand the mind first. For a common person our mind is situated inside our head scalp having very small size but doing all big works like research, manufacturing, service etc. Every action flows from mind. Primarily it has two parts:

  1. Active aur conscious mind.
  2. Passive or subconscious mind.

Active mind is the portion of mind which plays role in day-to-day actions, whereas subconscious mind helps in shaping our thinking pattern. Active mind takes signal from subconscious mind before taking any action. Thus, subconscious mind needs to be understood in proper manner. We are born with stored memories of past births located in subconscious mind, which are generally kept as heap of paper. Our need is to format the subconscious mind.

Sometimes we find forgetfulness in recalling name of the person, forgetting answer in examinations, dreams of different types, encountering unknown fears, prejudices and negative thinking/attitude. It is due to subconscious mind.

Further, in 1962 Roger Sperry won the Nobel prize for identifying two hemispheres of brain responsible for separate intellectual functions based on the scientific analysis using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of brain/ mind, and it has been established that mind has two portions that is right and left. The brief roles are as under:

Left side of the brain controls right side of the body, whereas right side do the converse. It is told that we only use 10% of our mental capacity. It seems to be correct as most of the person don’t use their right side of the brain. Therefore, from the childhood it is told to have some artistic pursuits etc. It is to develop left side of the brain which controls mostly imaginative, artistic and creative pursuits.

Development of positive thinking will be attributed to the right side of the brain, which needs to be used for its development. Thus, after knowing a brief about the brain, it can be concluded that in order to develop positive thinking we need to sharpen our subconscious mind and right portion of the brain.

Scientific Aspect of Positive Thinking

Every person has the accumulation of energy which is helpful in their survival. Generally the total energy is summation of external energy and internal energy.

Total energy (TE)= External energy (Ee) + Internal energy(Ie)

External energy: It is basically the energy which is developed inside the body on account of our diet, nutrients etc.

Internal energy: It is broadly the spiritual energy, which one acquires due to various techniques like meditation and other spiritual exercises. But the most among all is the attitude of a person which helps him to optimise the internal energy. As per physics:

Power P= V*I

=V*V/R ( I=current, R=Resistance, V=Voltage)


Here, R is the internal resistance posed by the mind in the form of anger, irritation, frustration etc. The issue is reduction of the same which can be done by the positive attitude. In case this R is reduced, the power or the internal energy will be maximum, leading to maximization of the total energy of the person.

It has been seen that the external energy can be used to its maximum when the internal energy level is better, that is, if internal energy is less, the consumption of the external energy increases. So, power of positive thinking is:

P=(Attitude)*2/R, where R is internal resistance.

It is obvious from the above formula that power of thinking will be more positive if internal resistance is less. It means that if someone is a positive thinking person he can use his mental powers upto optimum limits.

When you forget every negativity, you live the best moment.

So, it was all about medical aspect of positivity wherein we read about how hormones such as Adrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin and Epinephrine plays a vital role when it comes to thought process of an individual. Not only intellectual stuffs hormones are essential for, but physical health and fitness also of the same individual. People tend to ignore and pay less attention to biological transitions their body go through, which makes them an utter ignorant and they look for sources, which can help them experiencing the sense of happiness.

For example, if an individual is preparing for any competitive examination, he tend to become stressful every now and then. This results in bombardation of negative thoughts in his mind, which is obviously not good for him at all. His morale gets low, he finds his effort which he puts is of no use, his thinking process gets damaged, hormones in his body starts back-flowing and he does not even realise that, and for that particular moment, he gives up. He should rather think every effort he puts in, worth it like every drop counts and altogether it forms an ocean. I have seen people taking it lightly, but this is the secret of every positive emotion individual goes through, your success, and productive life.

Further, we dealt with few scientific formulae and related it with whole concept of positive thinking, which was quite effectively explained. Start looking for solutions. Be part of the solution rather than that of problem. Day-to-day you encounter many problems. Instead of blaming others, start looking for solution as to how this problem can be sorted out. Initially you may find it difficult but later on after much practice, you would realize that your talking pattern has changed and you have started living a happy life.


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