A person wants to become a positive thinker and he also wants himself to take a plunge into positivity, however the issue is that one feels that the circumstances makes him to be negative. But factually it is not correct, as for the same circumstances reactions of different person are different. Had it been otherwise everyone would have reacted in the same way.

One may ask, “How to know he thinks Positive or not?”. The litmus test for this to know is: ‘He always looks for solutions’. Any individual showcases his emotions and feelings through his actions, and so by observing his actions, we can easily determine whether he is thinking Positive or not. And this skill doesn’t evolve by itself, one has to work for it. But, are there any legitimate proven ways to become a positive thinker? Well, there are many ways but the best among all is ‘to practice’ positive thinking.

Here are some proven ways which will help you to become a positive thinker and gain the ability to think positive so that, you face no depression, laziness, inferiority complex, anger, abysmal effects, and pave your own path for your success.

1. Take decision

Take decision to become a positive thinker and think of every possible improvements. Such improvements are required to be done by oneself only. compulsion leads to development of negative energy, which does not yield positive results. Therefore, a decision is required to be taken by the individual only for his or her becoming positive thinker. It is like initiation of any Mantra given by any Guru. One needs to decide first that path on which one intends to go on now. All the actions are related to that path only. This is path of positive thinking and the power of positive thinking will push you up further in life.

2. Avoid saying no or negative words

It is my experience that the word ‘no’ has serious psychological impact. By saying ‘no’ to any request, negative hormones flows into the system which in turn develops negative attitude. This negative attitude develops roots in the mind and effects adversely on the personality of the person. Apart from the world ‘no’, there are other negative words like failure, depression, mood-off etc. Instead of these negative words better use powerful words like success, happiness, hope, optimism, solution, find the way etc. Start using these power words and observe the impact in the personality.

3. Always look for solution

Start looking for it. Be part of the solution rather than that of problem. Day-to-day you encounter many problems. Instead of blaming others, start looking for solution as to how this problem can be sorted out. Initially you may find it difficult but later on after much practice, you would realize that your talking pattern has changed.

4. See brighter side

It is one of the most important attributes of a positive thinker. One may argue that if he sees the brighter part only, he may miss the risk area which is associated with the negative part of the issue. It may be correct. Seeing the brighter side of the problem helps you in taking you away from negative moments. It gives you the strength to face the negative part of the problem. Whereas, if you start concentrating on the negative part of the problem, the energy required to face it will not be that sufficient, because in this case, you may have fear of failure whereas while thinking positive your actions are for winning and you have no fear of failure

5. Read inspiring literature

It is again based on experience that inspiring stories and literature help in development of positive thinking. For example, if you see a person on artificial legs running on the ground, are you not inspired by that person and do not think that ‘having two legs and two hands I am able to walk properly and handicapped person is running’. Such stories inspire us and develop positive hormones.

6. Magnetic Meditation

As explained above, mini to do correction in the mind itself. The subconscious mind needs to be formatted properly and right side of the brain to be developed to enhance the use of the brain and developing positive attitude as well. It is the method to convert a person from dia-positivism to ferro-positivism. You can practice 21 days and find the difference in your personality, attitude, approach etc. Read footnote to head to this method.

Some of the positive thoughts are:

In order to do meditations, following technique can be used.

  • Sit in a comfortable posture
  • Environment should be calm. If not, try to ignore noise (initially it will disturb you but later on it would be in your background, bothering you the least)
  • Concentrate on the pituitary gland (situated behind the forehead, it is the master of all glands. Adrenal hormone is controlled by this gland)
  • Think that secretion of hormone is increasing and you are being positive and your thinking process is changing.
  • Take deep breath and inhale the positive thoughts, retain it for some time and while exhaling, visualise as if negative thoughts are getting out of your mind.
  • Chant above positive thoughts of tabular column day-wise at least 108 times.
  • Slowly but steadily, this thought will ingress in your mind and right part of the cerebrum will be developed and subconscious mind will be formatted.
  • The impact will not only be seen in your behaviour but pattern of dreams will also be changed.

If we solely depend on positivity, we’ll likely fall into the ‘I think I might’ to ‘I think I can’ spectrum. Therefore, to increase our chances of success, we’ll need to rise to the next level. When you’re at ‘I can’ or ‘I will’, a natural question that follows will be, “How can I make this work?” and you will be on your way to writing your own blueprint of success.

So, have Gandhiji’s positivism: Think positive, See positive, Listen positive, Share positive and experience power of positive thinking.

Footnote: Method to practice for 21 days to develop positive mental power

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