‘What you think, that you achieve‘ is the mantra of an achiever. The fundamental difference between successful people and who are getting frequent failures, is their ‘Mental state of thinking’.

By and large when a man constructively draws a plan for a day with a strategy for achievement, returns home after accomplishing the work in positive note. Vague, indefiniteness and purposeless thoughts leads to failure. So conduct yourself with purpose.

As explained above, the mental set is a leading factor for any result in the life, it may be at home, at office or at any other place. Positive Mental Set (PMS) will lead to positive thinking power which is valuable for the individual’s growth.

It is because of the fact that every important plan, purpose and idea of our life first takes place in our mind. The conscious mind is the storehouse of all the thoughts and the subconscious mind is its director. It is the subconscious mind which matters. Its development starts with the birth and is highly influenced by the environment, in which it interacts. Therefore, it is generally said that the mannerism of individual depends on the society, he lives.

Structuring, Strengthening and Sharpening (3 S) of subconscious mind towards the positive direction from the childhood is the key to success. Subconscious mind is like a software, which drives the conscious mind and in case of any debugging, the program starts giving erroneous results. That is why software engineers always do the debugging for efficient functioning of the software. In the same way, one needs to debug the mind from negative thoughts.

It is quite easy to think positively than otherwise. Mind is like a fertile land where both rose and cactus can be grown. Growing positive thought is like growing flowers, fruits and vegetables. That must be cultivated by intelligent mental sowing and reaping of right kind of mental seed. There is no power or process other than yourself that can hold you back from large personal achievement. The stronger and better your thought, the stronger and better will be the result in your daily efforts.

Thus, it is amply clear that the thought is a directional (vector) parameter i.e. it is having a sign either positive or negative. I have seen a family where parents help poor children in education, their children when grew up started evolving empathy, compassion and helping attitude. It proves that thinking is directional parameter.

Now let us discuss about the development of positive or constructive thoughts, which is to be practiced on daily basis for 21 days. Let us practice it six-days a week. It is also told that if an action is repeated at least for 21 days, it becomes a habit.


Make a careful examination of your general habits of thoughts and note down the weak elements like vagueness, wavering mind, undeceive tendencies, etc. List out all these and its improvements. Being truthful in this will be better for you. Repeat the following statements and apply them in the day’s work.

  • I carefully discriminate between constructive and destructive thought
  • I promptly correct in myself every undesired mental tendency


Today, select one important thing which you want to achieve. Put your best mental and physical energies to achieve it. When you concentrate upon one thing at a time and accomplish it, you thereby develop your power. Repeat the following slogans:

  • Select one important thing for today.
  • Concentrate best of your powers.
  • Avoid every disturbing influence.


Today, cultivate deliberateness in thought, speech and action. Take a small target to achieve today and proceed step by step. After completion of one step go to the step whichever is next. Take time to do things thoroughly and satisfactorily. Believe more and more in your possibility of larger achievements. Repeat the following slogans frequently.

  • My aim is clear.
  • My mental outlines are set for accomplishment of the job.
  • I am to avoid my haste.
  • I am becoming clear and clear in my mind.


By this date you will find changes in yourself, your determination would have increased along with other positive qualities. You might realise enhancement in the personal powers. Fortify the mind with new and positive resolution. Cultivated a deep belief in your personal power.

Repeat the following slogan.

  • I am persistent in everything.
  • I am definite results.
  • I meet confidently any untoward condition


Each day is a great and new day for you. Make this as a day of positive outcomes. Check every tendency by which your time get wasted. Work on yourself a bit to put some efforts to curb it. Cultivate faith in your actions and mental power. Try a different thing to achieve with faith.

Repeat the following slogans and apply it during the course of actions.

  • I correct every undesirable thought habit.
  • I am capable of handling this situation.
  • I am correcting actions on right direction.
  • I am getting success and I am aspiring for greater achievement.


If we take the road of positive thinking, whether from others, or by thinking positively about our goals ourselves, it will lead to success. However, if we listen to negative comments of others, or our own negative self-talk in our minds, we may become discouraged, give up and not reach our goals.

Repeat the following slogan and apply it in actions.

  • I am more clear in thoughts.
  • I put determination into my daily work.
  • I was steadily towards a definite life purpose.


It is last day of practice. Sit quietly for evaluation of your achievements. As said earlier, for any correction/improvement in attitude, deliberateness is required. Repeat the following slogans in your mind throughout the day.

  • I have transformed myself into a worthy person.
  • I have developed Positive Mental Power.

After assessment, judge the real improvements and persistence of shortcomings. Try to improve upon shortcomings next week and with developed positive qualities and mental power, start achieving the targets. Resolve to do better than ever before.

Pursuing excellence is a form of essentialism, as defined by the book of the same name by Greg McKeown. It basically means eliminating all the elements which are preventing senses of achievement to reach us. We, ourselves are the creators and destroyers of our career, let us be on the safer side by bringing about changes in our thinking.

Satish Kumar Sharma


    1. Let’s add some value to society by honing ouselves and fulfil the every desire. I have been mentioning that ‘it all starts with thinking” and nobody can disagree with this. And if that thinking is positive, it is blessing in disguise.


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