Rapid Serial Visual Preservation Paradigm is one fascinating  concept I learned in my Psychology course, commonly called as the ‘Mere Exposure Effect‘. In this world, we all are influenced by the external source either in a positive or a negative way. Due to this, we often come across situations in life when past experiences, visuals etc. influences our current behaviour or decisions. We feel so familiar to it whatsoever. Eventually, when we have to take a certain decision, the familiarity and our exposure becomes so significant such that we end up taking it as our own opinion or idea. Hence, we feel that we have taken our own decisions, but the reality is that our decision has been heavily influenced by the exposure towards it.

Mere exposure effect is seen almost everywhere. The most common example of Mere Exposure Effect is ‘advertisements’. When you keep seeing those ads, you relatively are getting impressions of it in your mind such that when time comes to buy, we organically go for the ones we saw in the advertisement. It’s so interesting. Even when we hear good things about a person repeatedly, we tend to like that person unconsciously even though we haven’t met him. Another common example is how we end up liking a song after listening to it too many times. I think we all must have experienced this, where we don’t like a song until we listen to it too many times. It’s strange but true.

I remember when I was learning about this few years back and I found this so interesting that I actually wanted to know more about it. My mind was looking for the Mere Exposure Effect everywhere. I realised that many decisions of mine were so influenced by the external source without my knowledge. Our psychological conditioning is very strong than our conscious mind.

If we think about it, it also a very positive sign as we can get influenced positively too. The issue arises when we are influenced by the other side. However, now that know about it, we can take a step ahead and think more before taking a decision. Timely introspection can lead to making unbiased decisions and not getting triggered by any external source.

Apart from this, I truly believe that if we know why we are taking a certain decision in clarity, they mostly turn out to be the right decisions. You can read more about this : Why of our decisions where I have explained it in detail. Moreover, it would be wonderful to know if you have gone through the ‘Mere Exposure Effect’. Let me know in the comments below.

Miss Shraddha Verenkar

Shraddha Verenkar is a Certified Personal Counsellor, Sex Educator, and Waldorf Teacher. She is also a Personal Blogger at souloutpourings where she pens her thoughts and insights frequently about various mindful aspects we relate to. ‘ That was my trigger‘  was the blog that got an amazing response which motivated her to make her site official.



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