Satish Kumar Sharma
Law Student (Asian Law College)

Patience is a virtue which can help us achieve our goals, maintain a more positive outlook on life, and make us less reactive, which subsequently will make us less vulnerable to bad decisions. Stress, regret, and anger don’t help anything.

So when you’re facing an uncertain future, a negative event, or something scary, take a few moment. Don’t do anything. Just sit a spell. And if you discover your brain veering towards a negative direction, think of some positive quotes about life to get yourself back within the right frame of mind to take better decisions.

We cannot anticipate the consequences of our actions, and when we do not pay attention to the instructions given by wise men, we end up suffering. This is what happened to ‘Vinata’ in ‘Mahabharata’.

‘Kadru’ and ‘Vinata’ were sisters, married to sage ‘Kashyapa’. Kadru told the sage that she wanted many sons who would be feared by the world. Vinata said that she wanted two sons who would be more powerful than Kadru’s sons.

The sage granted them their wishes. Kadru’s many eggs hatched, and out came venomous snakes. Vinata, as per her wish, had only two eggs, but they took a long time to hatch. Impatient with the delay, Vinata broke one of them and out came a half formed bird. The lower part of its body was underdeveloped, and the child was without thighs. This child was angry at having been brought into the world before it was time for it to emerge.

It cursed Vinata, saying she would be Kadru’s slave until the other egg hatched. The son who would emerge out of the other egg would save her from slavery. Vinata became Kadru’s slave and was treated badly. It was something she had brought upon herself through her impatience.

‘Gandhari’ is another example of an impatient mother. She had a boon to beget 100 sons. When she heard that ‘Kunti’ had given birth to a son, she was so jealous that she punched her stomach, causing the embryo to drop out. Sorrowful over the loss of her child, Gandhari wept. Vyasa then divided the embryo into 100 pieces and put them in separate vats of ghee.

Gandhari wanted a daughter too, so ‘Vyasa’ made one more division, so that there were 101 pieces  and stores them in earthen pots to incubate for another 2 years. First to be born among these is ‘Duryodhana’, followed by 99 brothers and one sister, ‘Dushala’.

As the above examples justify that patience is a virtue few people have, being hasty is second nature to most of us. But patience has its rewards, and haste its undesirable consequences. I would end by quoting “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting”.

Reference: Mahabharata by Vyasa


    1. Indeed, the amount of optimism which people have is the core of every trouble they face in their day-to-day life. If they keep patience for a while, the aftermath of everything which they wish to be fine, will be fine for sure.
      I envy your understanding.


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