COVID­19 has caused severe disruption across the world. However, there are variations both among and within countries in the number of cases and in case fatality rates. With coronavirus raging havoc across the world and showing no sign of a slow down, experts fear that the virus may never go away even after a vaccine is developed.

In general, Europe and the U.S. have borne the brunt of the infection, while Asian and African countries have been relatively less affected so far. It is not yet clear why such geographical differences exist; they cannot be explained by healthcare facilities alone.

India had reported its first case on January 30, 2020; as of June 29, it has reported over 548K cases and more than 16.5K deaths. In comparison, the U.S. and the U.K., which also reported their first cases around the same time, recorded over 2.59M cases and over 311K cases, and over 128K deaths and over 48K deaths, respectively.

The relatively young population of India has been suggested as a possible factor for this stark difference. However, while older people are still at highest risk from the more severe consequences of COVID­19, there is no evidence to suggest that younger people are immune to the infection. Differences in case ascertainment may explain some of the patterns which go through the body.

Experts Say We May Never Have a COVID-19 Vaccine and Have to Live With The Disease Forever

Corona Virus And Bat Evolved Together

This is going to be with us for some time – it’s endemic in human populations and not going to go away without a vaccine. Scientists around the world are in continuous fear that we may never be able to produce an effective vaccine against COVID-19 and have to live with the permanent risk of contracting the novel virus.

Currently, more than 100 vaccines are undergoing preclinical trials and a few have entered the human trial stage. Still, the researchers fear that the vaccines may not be able to cross the last hurdle and be available for the common people. This is because of the nature of this new coronavirus. According to the scientists, COVID-19 virus may change its structure in a few months when we hopefully have a vaccine but the change in its anatomy can turn the entire development, scientific processes and result futile.

According to a CNN report, in which Dr. David Nabarro, World Health Organization’s COVID-19 special envoy was quoted saying, “There are some viruses that we still do not have vaccines against. We cannot make an absolute assumption that a vaccine will appear at all, or if it does appear, whether it will pass all the tests of efficacy and safety.”

Notably, vaccine development is a very long procedure. And as per reports, 37 percent of vaccines fail in the first phase itself. Whereas 69 percent fail in the second stage. And 42 per cent go futile in the third phase. Only 10 percent of total vaccines manage to reach the last stage and get approval.

Even after the approval, we are not sure if a vaccine would be effective in the general population. One of the examples for this is the dengue vaccine that came in 2015. It was found out to have severe negative impacts on the people in the Philippines. Instead of providing immunity against the virus, the vaccine made people critically ill with severe symptoms of the disease.

Also, it has been nearly four decades now but we still do not have a vaccine against HIV, which has caused around 32 million deaths till now.

Even the World Health Organisation recently hinted towards the possibility of never be able to deal with the virus. If that happens, the only way the human race can survive is by developing herd immunity but in the process, a huge number of people will lost their lives.


Satish Kumar Sharma
Law Student (Asian Law College)

In my point of view, the life of Coronavirus on Earth is not everlasting. It has been the nature, the superior ruler manipulating over all the creatures including humans and so does the viruses. Or to illustrate and assume if it was an artificial virus then, “ Nothing is prominent on this planet”. And it’s a well incontrovertible fact that cannot to be denied, which has now brought the existence of human in doubts.

But even then, if this nature has the capacity to empower the virus to kill us or feed on us, then it would itself come up with the superior predator dose to eradicate the toxin out of its ambit of ruling over us. The history of wars, disaster have proved us many a times, that whenever there have been man-made calamities, the nature has adjusted its horizon of ecological balance in its own manner, without seeking help of humans. The chronology of epidemics and related death tolls have shown us that after every century these incident had erupted and shattered the economy of the nations to a large extent.

As in the current situation of COVID-19 the whole globe is stunned not only for the reason of the physical bodies being the carrier of virus, but because the virus travelled has transmitted through touch, surface and every little minute and minor things which go beyond the reasonable thinking of humans. Moreover, there is a situation of panic with no answers, just lockdowns, quarantines and no vaccines or immunization. The Fury of nature is extremely unpredictable to be guessed with our ordinary brains or just technology in a seconds to come.

Hence, we must not forget, we as humans are not any separate entity from the nature, any imbalance caused by us, then always ‘THE BILL COMES DUE’ and so has happened.

Remember it’s our future & responsibility to take care of our planet and the all the creatures staying around our planet. This ocean of life can ooze out and hiss poison on us and then it does have the capacity to reproduce the elixir itself to save us and our world.

A Doctor Sanitizing The Earth

It takes nine months, for a mother to deliver her baby. Let the fair time come, this poison would be discarded . And humans would become free from this minacious virus and then the real humans will rise again.

The development of vaccine shall be the small scientific terminology, but the subject matter should be analysed in much wider and broader spectrum, even doctors and scientists are working their heart out.

So, until the time, it should be our sole responsibility to unite and fight this war waged against us as real rational and intellectual individual responsive beings . And As of now, we need to curb the damage and break the chain as much as possible to insure all the failures we have experienced until now, and of which we had never ever thought of overcoming.

It is a collective process to attack over the virological chain of infection. But, unless we follow a planned social distancing, no matter even though people in their home are not safe. Nothing, but our genuine participation can only break the cycle of infection to the degree of zero.

Take everyday preventive actions to help in getting the spread of illness slow. It has been an emotional journey altogether, our patience is the key and we can do nothing but keep ourselves motivated, and mentally strong to live in the wrath of Coronavirus just for a while more.


    1. Humans have overcome many pandemic. If human can create one, they can put a full stop too. Also, nothing is permanent in this world and so this global epidemic COVID-19.


  1. Yeah! It’s our responsibility to take care of nature and strict actions to be taken against those involved in wildlife trade among others…. Lastly you have wrote a good article 👍👍👍👍.

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  2. It was amaze to know about the nature’s revenge on us but after reading your article I got some hopes .yes,we all need to protect our planet by taking our responsibilities.

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