"All I do is hope
For a ray of sunshine
To fall and spread on
Everyone individual
Reeling through and faltering on the floor
just to find that door out of darkness
After getting to the door be patient towards yourself
Rage is not an expression but a
Key to destruction
Near light is not the complete escape
Ebb towards it
Sear through the sky as the sun
Shines bright, celebrate and cherish your success."

-Viola Schwan

It might be really hard. You might feel like being suffocated, and mental health is no joke. You might be in the darkest place and see no escape or light but as Dumbledore says “happiness can be found even in the darkest of the times if one only remembers to turn on the light”. Find the switch to happiness, it exists. This can be really difficult but never forget that you aren’t alone in this fight.

Seek for help with your fullest desire to come out of the clutches of the darkness, you will surprise yourself one day if you do so. If you don’t put your mind to it, no one else can. Just stretch out there are people to drag you out of it. A person may look extremely happy but rain can be expected even on the brightest of days. No one is a prey or a victim it’s all about how you seek justice and find your peace with it. Inner peace and self love sounds underrated but have a hope to put faith in yourself, you’ll get there.

This is not the end, you cannot decide or plan your life cause life has its own plans for you don’t leave courage just hang on there. You feel depressed cry it out or share it tell it to that loved one whom you trust with your life. Just speak up for yourself if you won’t know one can and will cause people don’t read minds and it’s hard to pick the signs. Crying and reaching for help is the most courageous thing one can do, it will be hard but it’s worth a try, it worths a life.


An engineering student with some hilarious stories and embarrassing moments to share. An alien addicted to coffee and sketches to find peace yet uses words as a tool of self-expression.




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