Social media is a web-based technology to facilitate social interaction between an outsized group of individuals through some form of network. There is no doubt that it has become the foremost popular sort of online activity among today’s youth. Though, the people use social media for several things, like socializing, finding and sharing information, shopping and easily as a diversion, the excessive usage of these platforms is never good and is also becoming a towering issue, as, it is hampering the productivity of one’s time, temperament, physique, and efficiency in work, badly.

What is Social Media addiction?

Excessive use of social media refers to social media addiction or social media overuse, scientists have described it as as psychological or behavioral dependency of an individual on social media platform, they also refer it as international addiction disorder.

Some variety of surveys were conducted and the result was that, “social media itself doesn’t cause harm”, but that frequent use disrupts activities that have a positive impact on psychological state like sleeping and exercising.

However, multiple studies have found a strong link between heavy social media and an increased risk for depression, anxiety, loneliness, self harm, and even suicidal thoughts, social media may promote negative experiences like inadequacy about your life or appearance. Social media is already influencing our day-today life, relationship and education.

Here are few very basic ways to avoid Social Media:

1. Keep apps out of sight: Hide social-media apps from your screen in order to keep it out of your mind.

2. Spend at-least one hour a day as screen free hobby: Try not to use your phone for continuous one hour, take it as a challenge and develop it as one of your hobbies.

3. Enjoy a phone free dinner: While having your supper, don’t let your phone to enjoy the meal too.

4. Don’t use phone while walking: If you are going out, say like for grocesory purpose, don’t take your phone along with you.

5. Track time spent on social media: ‘Rescue Time’ is an app for all major platform that tracks the time, which you spend on different sites and applications. It may also block sites that are more distracting.

6. Use browser extension to jam social networking sites: It prevents your browser from saving cookies, results in avoiding Ads from the page, which you are on, and puts a pause on unnecessary usage of the browser.

7. Activate limits on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and other mobile apps: The mobile apps for Facebook and Instagram have a time tracking function. It also has an optional cut-off date you’ll be able to set for the way long you would like to spend on these apps.

8. Disable notifications: Everyone should adjust a minimum of some notifications and if you’re trying to manage your social media usage, you certainly should.

9. Use your newfound time: Be intentional about what you had wished to do and what you get engaged with. Check whether your new schedule is working or not, whether it needs greater focus or relaxing without electronic devices.

10. Multitasking: Trying to ‘try to toover’ one thing at a time actually dismisses your productivity. The human brain isn’t designed to multitask.

11. All things through emails: Email could also be one in every of the largest time sucking black holes. When you get an alert that you simply have your concentration broken. Prioritize your emails, mark relevant emails as important. It keeps you stuffed with only useful emails.

12. Meditation: It will help you to remain aloof from the social media by meditating for an hour everyday.

13. Get enough sleep: And while sleeping, if you think that you can’t stay far from your phone, turn your phone to silent mode and keep it on the table, next to you where you sleep.

14. Read : Opt to read books; choose your favourite genre and read as much as you can. Start with few paragraphs per day, then, gradually increase the amount of words you read.

15. Obtain a brand new hobby: There are thousands of hobbies to decide on from. Take up drawing, painting, film-making, learn the guitar or piano, take up a self-defence, yoga, etc.


A lot of individuals are aware about the fact that, they spend an excessive amount of time starting at their smart phone’s screen and would love to explore life without social networking. Yet, they procrastinate because they are undecided what their life would be like or what they would do if they were to depart social media behind. If you are one in all those folks that has been unsure a way to live without social media.


Soni Sharma is pursuing philosophy honors from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. She is a very hard working and bright student. She also serves Prahari Magazine by her writings.

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