Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror?
Ever recognised the miracle of the nature?
Have you ever made any inference about the existence of god? 
You would not have known if you were still, 
What is this justice here, too? 

Everyone here humilates the other human being, 
If a noble, highborn human is silent,
If one is less than anyone, should it be dominated? 
God has made everyone to be respected, with equal human rights,
Then how does anyone have less powers?

Everyone is blessed with parental rites  and education,
Then what is in you that is not in me?
Have you ever experienced the support of your friends ? 
Which you might not yet be knowing, who is spoiling you,
Yes! It's a maladjustment;

Everyone suggests to take a wrong way for things,
Have they ever shown you the right path? 
Life has been found only once,
Enjoy and Try to get the best out of it,
Only happiness will be visible then,
Try to understand the path of truth and accept it, 
All will be with you at any moment.
Give respect to the another human,
You will receive the same from everyone.
Improve your character once, not for anyone but for yourself... 
In every human then, you will perceive a glimpse of God.


Soni Sharma is a philosophy student, pursuing it from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. She is a very hard working and bright student. She serves Prahri Magazine by her written poems.

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