Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India is a National level research trust registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882. It is working to develop new techniques, tools & methods to solve the Mental Health problems in India. BBRFI is the only charitable organization in India that is working towards scientific and evidence-based guidance and counselling in career, interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.

It is the only organization in India that has innovated a scientific method of analyzing the inborn talent of individual including the strengths and weaknesses of the personality, learning and coping mechanisms to help them realize their potential in studies, games and careers.

The Trust is an amalgamation of diverse professionals with the common aim of ‘Promoting Positive Mental Health & Well-being for All’ by guiding the children and youth towards careers matching their talent using 4D Brain Analysis, a unique diagnostic tool innovated by BBRFI.

There is a large ‘gap’ between the needs of the society and delivery of Mental Health services. They at BBRFI are striving to bridge this gap by targeting children and youth– helping them realize their true potential in studies, career and relationships which is the core to an individual’s happiness along with addressing common problems of depression, suicidal tendency amongst others.

The common problem children and their parents face is choosing the right stream and career as it is linked to lifelong happiness and contentment. They at BBRFI help in clearing this confusion in a scientific manner through our innovative holistic assessment (4D Brain Analysis).

Author’s opinion

Brain  Behaviour Research Foundation is one of the technology based institutes, which has highest accuracy rate in their operations. While exploring more about it, I was extremely curious about knowing my potential. And who does not like to know about themselves, to being known to their capabilities. One verily gets to get its own exposure after the procedures  which BBRFI personnel do.

One should reach this institute to experience the whole new techniques and process to find their potential and caliber with the help of all new technological equipments. Thankyou. 

Source: 4D Brain Analysis | Scientific method to know your potential and choose the CAREER according to your BRAIN TYPE

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT: Brain Behavior Research Foundation of India           


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